Brandon Theesfeld: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brandon Theesfeld: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

image 05pm Facebook Brandon Theesfeld has been identified the suspect in the shooting death of University of Mississippi student Ally Kostial.
Brandon Theesfeld has been identified as the suspect in the murder of 21-year-old University of Mississippi student Alexandria “Ally” Kostial, according to a report from WLBT-TV .The St.Louis native and Ole Miss senior was found dead the morning of July 20 near a remote lake in Lafayette County, Mississippi, about 20 miles from her college’s campus in Oxford.
Kostial was shot eight times, sources told WLBT-TV.It is not clear if she was killed at the lake or if her body was brought there after she was already dead.

Online jail records show that 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld is being held at the Lafayette County Jail.According to the Oxford Eagle , he is being held on suspicion of murder.
Theesfeld is a Texas native and student at the University of Mississippi, according to his Facebook page.
Police have not released details about how Theesfeld and Kostial knew each other, if they did.A motive in the shooting is also not known.Investigators have said they need to remain tight-lipped in order to not jeopardize the investigation.

Theesfeld and his family could not be reached for comment by Heavy and it is not clear if he has hired an attorney who could comment on his behalf.
Here’s what you need to know about Brandon Theesfeld and the murder of Ally Kostial: 1.Kostial Left Her House Sometime After Midnight Saturday, Her Roommates Told Police Facebook Alexandria Kostial.
According to WLBT-TV , Ally Kostial was seen on surveillance video stopping at the door of a bar in the square in Oxford, Mississippi, Friday night.According to the news station, she didn’t go into the bar, she just paused, turned and walked out of the camera’s view.Facebook Brandon Theesfeld.
Kostial’s roommates told police she went to their Oxford home about midnight, but at some time after that left again, the news station reports.Her roommates told police they didn’t hear her leave, according to WLBT-TV.
Police had declined to release many details in the case, citing the ongoing investigation.Brandon Theesfeld was taken into custody just before 3:45 p.m.

on Monday, July 22, according to jail records.Facebook Ally Kostial.
Kostial was found at 10:23 Harmontown, Mississippi, near Sardis Lake, which is about 20 miles from the University of Mississippi’s Oxford campus, where Kostial had been living for the summer.The sheriff’s department said it was “apparent that foul play was involved” in her death.
Sources told WLBT that Kostial’s body was found by deputies near Buford’s Ridge.

The remote area includes a fishing camp and an area where locals and college students ride ATVs on weekends when the water is low.According to the news station, the water was high on Friday and Saturday, so there was less activity in the area.
Neighbors told WMCA-TV that they were surprised to see emergency responders in their small and remote neighborhood.

“I was sitting on the couch and saw the ambulance go by and was curious and went outside and then the next thing I know the coroner came by and two unmarked vehicles,” Michelle Bramlett, a neighbor, told the news station.She added, “I just can’t imagine what the parents are going through right now and their family.It’s just very devastating.”
Another neighbor, Jim Bob Bromley, told WMCA, “You shouldn’t have to bury your kids.Nobody can describe that kind of pain and it’s forever.It doesn’t go away.

It gets better but it doesn’t go away.”.